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BCU Risk Advisors Testimonials

Family Office

"We found BCU Risk Advisors to be an exceptionally talented and responsive firm. One of our clients was in need of a policy to cover a home under construction. BCU responded with a complete review of his current program and a solution to the home under construction within 7 working days. "

Ann Picardo – Client

"I work out of my home and therefore my insurance program consists of both personal and commercial insurance.  I had numerous policies covering all personal and commercial exposures and was repeatedly told that this was the way it had to be handled.  After a "slip and fall" claim was filed against me,  I realized that my overall coverage had not been as well thought out as I had hoped and I began shopping for a new representative.  BCU Risk Advisors was able to combine policies, coordinate coverage's and eliminate unnecessary premiums.  The result was a more streamlined program, better coverage and at a reduced annual cost.  AND  they made it look easy!"

David Crooks

"BCU Risk Advisors has consistently proven to be problem solvers. One of my clients was in immediate need of a personal umbrella policy. His existing insurance company was unable to offer this coverage. BCU was able to perform a complete review and provide a comprehensive and cost efficient solution within 7 days."

Rob Tapper

"BCU is my designated “insurance guru”. Their knowledge of the industry, ease of contact, response time and follow through are truly differentiators in todays business environment."